Wide Type(4G LTE):ZTE MF98N

Manufacturer ZTE
Maximum speed* download:150Mbps / upload:50Mbps
Maximum operating time 14h
Simultaneous Connection Up to 14 devices
Dimensions 67.6x111.4x18.8mm (170g)
Type of Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n
Battery Charge Time 7h
Type of outlet USB Micro B
Security WPA2-PSK(AES)
Bandwidth 4G:LTE Xi(800/1500/1700/2100)

City Type(4G LTE):Huawei 601HW

Manufacturer Huawei
Maximum speed* download:612Mbps / upload:37.5Mbps
Maximum operating time 6h
Simultaneous Connection Up to 13 devices
Dimensions 65.1x109.9x15.5mm (135g)
Type of Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n
Battery Charge Time 3h
Type of outlet USB 3.0 Type-C
Security WPA2



Manufacturer SHARP
Maximum speed* 250Mbps / upload:46Mbps
Simultaneous Connection Up to 10 devices
Dimensions 147x70x8.9mm (167g)
Type of Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b/g/n
Maximum standby time(h) 4G LTE:about 980h/4G:about 975h/3G:about 1080h/GSM:about 960h
Maximum call duration(h) 4G LTE:about 44.7h/3G:about 38.8h/GSM:about 18.5h
Type of outlet USB 3.0 Type-C (QC:,PD:)
Bandwidth 4G/3G/2G


AI-Powered Translation Device

Dimensions 112x43x12.3 mm (72g)
Battery capacity 1,200mAh
Continuous operation time 4G LTE area:about8h
(Maximum standby time:about 80h)
Time lag to translation result about 3s
*It depends on the network environment.
Correspondence Language The words of the following 48 countries and regions
America (English)
United Arab Emirates (Arabic)
British (English)
Israel (Arabic / Hebrew)
Italy (Italian)
India (Hindi / Tamil / English)
Indonesian (Indonesian)
Ukraine (Ukrainian)
Egypt (Arabic)
Austria (English)
Netherlands (Dutch)
Canada (English / French)
Korea (Korean)
Cambodia (Khmer)
Greece (Greek)
Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabic)
Sweden (Swedish)
Spain (Spanish)
Sri Lanka (Sanga)
Serbia (Serbian)
Thai (Thai)
Tanzania (Swahili)
Czech Republic (Czech)
China (Mandarin / Cantonese)
Danish (Danish)
Germany (German)
Turkey (Turkish)
Japan (Japanese)
New Zealand (English)
Nepal (Nepali)
Hungary (Hungarian)
Philippines (Filipino)
Finland (Finnish)
Brazilian (Portuguese)
France (French)
Bulgaria (Bulgarian)
Vietnamese (Vietnamese)
Poland (Polish)
Portugal (Portuguese)
Malaysia (Malay)
Mexico (Spanish)
Romania (Romanian)
Russia (Russian)

Mobile battery Light

Battery capacity 5,000mAh
Dimensions 126x64x10mm (118g)
USB Power output 1V
Standard time for charging 7h
Rechargeable times*
Wi-Fi router(1,500mAh) 1.7times
Smartphone(1,500mAh) 1.7times
Portable game machine(1,000mAh) 2.5times
Tablet devices(6,100mAh) 0.3times

Mobile battery Regular

Battery capacity 10,050mAh
Dimensions 92x62x23mm (192g)
USB Power output 2V
Standard time for charging 6.5h
Rechargeable times*
Wi-Fi router(1,500mAh) 3.3times
Smartphone(1,500mAh) 3.3times
Portable game machine(1,000mAh) 5times
Tablet devices(6,100mAh) 0.7times