Personal Information Protection Policy

The Company recognizes its responsibility to society to protect all Personal Information (including "Specific Personal Information") handled by the Company in connection with its mobile telecommunications equipment rental operations, sales operations and digital contents of the Company and protects the rights of information owners and observes laws and regulations concerning Personal Information and other relevant norms and standards. Moreover, in order to accomplish the matters described below, the Company has created Personal Information protection management systems, constantly practices awareness of the latest trends in IT technology, changes in the expectations of the public, and shifts in the economic environment, etc., and engages in continuous Company-level efforts to implement improvement measures.

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Enacted on April 1, 2005
Last revised on July 1, 2018
Telecom Square, Inc.
Yuji Yoshitake, Representative
Director and President

Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

Personal information such as the name and address of customers handled by the Company in connection with the mobile telecommunications equipment rental operations, sales operations of the Company, digital contents of the Company (including information concerning transactions between customers and the Company or between customers and external service providers of the Company; hereinafter, "Personal Information") is treated as follows in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy of Telecom Square, Inc.

Concerning the purpose of use of Personal Information handled by the Company

The Company uses acquired Personal Information within the scope of the following purposes.

Personal Information held by the Company Purpose of use
Service provision
  • For the mobile telecommunications equipment rental services and related services provided by the Company.
  • For the marketing of products traded by the Company.
  • For marketing purposes, including marketing/advertising according to interests, and other products and services of our company.
  • For the implementation of questionnaire surveys and the analysis of survey results.
  • For the analysis of service usage, analysis of policy implementation, measurement of the effectiveness of policy implementation, analysis for the planning of new services, analysis for service quality improvement and customer service improvement, and for other types of analysis and survey implementation.
  • For responding to customer opinions, wishes, and inquiries.
  • For the prevention of improper contracts, improper usage, and non-payment, and for surveys and responsive action should any of the above occur.
Dissemination of direct mail, etc.
  • For the dissemination of direct mail or e-mail concerning information on seminars, exhibitions, and product presentation events hosted, co-hosted, or endorsed by the Company.
  • For the dissemination of direct mail or e-mail concerning information on services and products by the Company.
Recruiting and personnel management
  • Management of job applicants and as reference for matters pertaining to personnel management, work organization, welfare, and administrative tasks.
Service provider operations Note 1
  • For the performance of service provider operations by the Company.

Concerning the use of cookies

The Company uses cookies and other tracking technologies to obtaining information about customers. Cookies are a mechanism that saves information (Identification information of browsers used for access etc.) specified by the website operator on the terminal that accessed the website. The Company confirms the access status etc. of each browser to the website and server. When customers use the browser cookies are used for the purpose of adjusting the composition of the website so that way the customers can use it in a more convenient environment. Customers can refuse to use cookies in the browser setting change. However, in that case, please acknowledge beforehand that the company may provide a different view of the website, and some of the services may not be available. Please contact each browser provider for browser setting change.

Concerning the outsourcing of personal information handling by the Company

The Company can outsource tasks underlying the procurement of goods and the provision of services by the Company with regard to its normal business operations.

Inquiries by telephone

The Company can make recordings of telephone calls in order to enhance the quality of customer service as well as for reference purposes.

Concerning personal information subject to disclosure

Privacy Mark

Telecom Square, Inc. has acquired 'Privacy Mark' that certifies operators who handle personal information properly by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC).