Notice on Change of Service Brand Name for Business

Thank you very much for your continued patronage.
We would like to inform you that, effective from January 15, 2020, our service brand name for business will be changed to "Wi-Ho!Biz."

New service brand name



Wi-Ho! biz

Effective date

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Background of service brand name change

Telecom Square was established 27 years ago, and we have been providing business solutions for customers who travel across globe through our mobile communication devices rental service. The pace of globalization has accelerated in recent years, the trend of which has arisen awareness of business diversity and risk management.

We seek to provide not only good communication qualities but also better experience to business customers who travel globally. To do so, we have decided to change the service name to "Wi-Ho!Biz" by adding the word "Biz"(business).

Change of service names

Effective from January 15, 2020, service names of "Wi-Ho!Biz" will be changed as follows:

New Service Name Former Service Name
Mobile Wi-Fi rental Telocom Wi-Fi Wi-Fi router
Mobile Phone rental Mobile Phone
Smartphone rental Smart Wi-Ho! Smartphone

* Please note that all of the documentation including order confirmations issued by Telecom Square from January 15 will be using the new brand name.
* The changes only apply to service names. The service contents are not subject to change.

We will continue to improve our business service and provide the best solutions to our customers.
Thank you again for your continued patronage.