Wide Type(4G LTE)


Manufacturer ZTE
Maximum speed* download:150Mbps / upload:50Mbps
Maximum operating time 14h
Simultaneous Connection Up to 14 devices
Dimensions 67.6x111.4x18.8mm (170g)
Type of Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n
Battery Charge Time 7h
Type of outlet USB Micro B
Security WPA2-PSK(AES)
Bandwidth 4G:LTE Xi(800/1500/1700/2100)

City Type(4G LTE)

Huawei 501HW

Manufacturer Huawei
Maximum speed* download:187.5Mbps / upload:37.5Mbps
Maximum operating time 10h
Simultaneous Connection Up to 10 devices
Dimensions 60x104x18.2mm (150g)
Type of Wireless LAN 802.11g/n
Battery Charge Time 3h
Type of outlet USB Micro B
Bandwidth 4G:FDD-LTE(900/1700/2100) /AXGP(2500)

USB Type

Huawei D26HW

Manufacturer Huawei
Maximum speed* download:7.2 Mbps / upload:1.4 Mbps
Dimensions 87x26x13mm (25g)
Compatible OS(Windows) XP(SP2 later)/Vista/7(32/64bit)
Bandwidth HSPA/W-CDMA



Manufacturer KYOCERA
Maximum speed* download:112.5Mbps / upload:37.5Mbps
Maximum operating time 4G-3.5G:9h / 3G:11h
Simultaneous Connection Up to 10 devices
Dimensions 144x73x10.8mm (146g)
Type of Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n
Battery Charge Time 4G:710h/3.5G:640h/3G:880h
Type of outlet USB Micro B
Bandwidth 4G:FDD-LTE(900/1700/2100) 3.5G:AXGP(2500) 3G:WCDMA(900/2100)

Mobile battery

Mobile battery Light

Battery capacity 2,700mAh
Dimensions 41.5x70x23.2mm (85g)
USB Power output 1V
Standard time for charging 3.5h
Rechargeable times*
Wi-Fi router(1,500mAh) 0.9times
Smartphone(1,500mAh) 0.9times
Portable game machine(1,000mAh) 1.3times
Tablet devices(6,100mAh) 0.2times

Mobile battery Regular

Battery capacity 10,050mAh
Dimensions 92x62x23mm (192g)
USB Power output 2V
Standard time for charging 6.5h
Rechargeable times*
Wi-Fi router(1,500mAh) 3.3times
Smartphone(1,500mAh) 3.3times
Portable game machine(1,000mAh) 5times
Tablet devices(6,100mAh) 0.7times

Mobile battery Max

Battery capacity 16,000mAh
Dimensions 146x83x25mm (414g)
USB Power output 5V
Standard time for charging 8h
Rechargeable times*
Wi-Fi router(1,500mAh) 5.4times
Smartphone(1,500mAh) 5.4times
Portable game machine(1,000mAh) 8.1times
Tablet devices(6,100mAh) 1.2times